Petanque is a great sport

ubulodrom logoUBULODROM, the largest indoor pétanque court in the Czech Republic, is a unique combination: pétanque in a working brewery: The indoor courts are located in the recently reopened Únětice Brewery.


Pétanque is a wonderful sport. The Czech Association of Pétanque Clubs (ČAPEK) is a member of the Czech Sports Association, and the Czech national team regularly participates in the European and World Championships, its biggest success to date being the silver medal at the Women’s European Championships in Turkey. The Czech junior team regular participates in tournaments in France and occasionally manages to beat even the world’s top-ranked teams.


But pétanque is also a great pastime and an excellent way of getting to know your teammates and opponents, of finding out who is a team player and who knows how to play fair. Pétanque requires you to adapt your tactics to your opponents’ abilities. Only one team can win, and more often than individual abilities the decisive factor is team spirit and the ability to focus, to agree on the right tactics, to follow through, and to maintain one’s cool even when the chips are down.

Mezi naše oblíbené sporty, které jsme zařadili do nabídky při pořádání společenských akcí jsme uvedli i CROQUET. A stejně jako v pétanque - profesionální nářadí, profesionální organizace a spousta zábavy. Nahlédněte!



Zkuste mrknout do našeho BOUTIQUE - je tam plno originálních nápadů na dárky anebo doplnění vaší sportovní výbavy. Novinky, kterými své blízké všech věkových kategorií zcela jistě překvapíte.


Anyone can learn the basic rules of pétanque in just a few minutes, but it takes a lot of practice to become a truly excellent player. The great thing about pétanque, however, is that experienced “professionals” and absolute beginners can play together without ruining the experience for each other. This is what makes pétanque unique.

What can pétanque offer you?

Jeux européennes de sport d´Entreprises

Prague 19.-23.6.2013




  • an ideal team-building activity
  • helps integrate new employees
  • high-stakes competitions between departments
  • gain a better understanding of other people’s character


  • offers a chance for informal conversation with clients
  • create more solid and friendly business relations
  • an informal addition to company meetings and seminars

Parents and children

  • a great way for parents to get to know each other
  • brings classmates together


  • explain rules
  • introduce pupils to the game, plus we can offer the entire program in English or French as well
  • an alternative physical education activity for “non-athletes”

Our benefits:

We can offer all our events in Czech, French, or English.

We will organize the event to suit your specific needs: equipment rental, catering, sound system, location and facilities, and can adapt the rules of play so fit the time available

We also offer tailor-made graphic design services for the event – invitations, teams’ name tags, and results chart.

Our events are open to anyone, even those who have never played pétanque before. We will introduce and explain the game in an easy-to-understand manner, so that all players will know the rules, and we are also available for guidance during play. Everyone is sure to enjoy themselves, regardless of age or gender!

We are the first company in Central and Eastern Europe to offer certified indoor pétanque boules and to organize events year-round regardless of the weather.

We hold a license for the successful French concept of Pétanque Rallye®, which is organized every year for the French National Assembly and Senate.

What can pétanque offer you?