Plastic "Indoor Pétanque" Balls

Plastic PÉTANQUE INDOOR” Balls are designed for practice or floor playing on any indoor surface (carpet, tile, wood, linoleum, marble, laminate etc.) Absolutely safe. Especially suitable for children and juniors – 100% injury-free. Suitable for clubs, schools, youth centers, senior centers, hospitals, and physical therapy centers. The boules’ behavior on a hard, smooth, and even surface is very similar to the behavior of classical steel boules on outdoor clay surfaces – the boules do not “roll away” after hitting the ground, but gradually slow down. Plastic boules are made of resilient PVC filled with an inert powder to guarantee their proper behavior. “PÉTANQUE INDOOR” balls have been approved by the International Pétanque Federation (FIPJP).

The boules come in a durable textile case containing six boules (always in two colors) and a plastic jack.

We can offer two versions:

Plastic balls „PÉTANQUE INDOOR JUNIOR“ 6ks (Ref. 490400) diameter 65mm, weight 200g
1 450 Kč incl. Tax
Plastic balls „PÉTANQUE INDOOR ADULTE“ 6ks (Ref. 490410) diameter 74mm, weight 680g
1 750 Kč incl. Tax
Plastic "Indoor Pétanque" Balls

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