Company Events

An increasing number of companies are looking for original ideas that will entice their clients, create closer bonds between employees, and allow people to relax after a difficult business program. Pétanque pro Vás has organized dozens and hundreds of similar events, always tailor-made to the specific client’s needs.

Need some basic information? Here it is:

Most events last cca. 2 to 5 hours, depending on the nature and objectives of the event and on the client’s wishes

The tournament can be adapted to your objectives (friendly get-together, sporting afternoon, side activity) and the type of participants (employees, clients, journalists). We will meet with your to discuss and plan the event ahead of time.

Firemní akce - více

We are capable of creatively adapting the tournament schedule in response to unforeseen events (late arrival of participants, poor weather, parallel event program, etc.)

The optimum number of people is up to 60 active participants, although events can be adapted to suit a larger or smaller number of players as well.

We play with metal boules (pétanque balls), whose rental is included in the price.

We also provide all other equipment (jacks, winners’ certificates, etc.)

If needed, we can also organize a sound system, catering, prizes etc,…