Additional Training Sets

SAUT KIT” Additional Training Set

If you are using the “INITIATION KIT” practice set, you will certainly appreciate its variability and the practice possibilities it offers. In order to improve the set, we offer two supplementary sets that represent an excellent complement to the “INITIATION KIT”.


The “SAUT KIT” contains two plastic color cones, each with 12 openings. These cones allow you to easily set up barriers at a height of 6cm, 19cm or 32 cm, using the included 100cm plastic pole.

Tréninkový set „KIT SAUT“ (Ref. 793360) Sada „KIT SAUT“ obsahuje 2 barevné plast každý s 12 otvory. Ty Vám umožní snad bariéru ve výškách 6cm, 19cm nebo 32 cm.
600 Kč incl. Tax


ENTRAINEMENT KIT” Additional Training Set

Create even taller barriers (for instance, when practicing lobbing) with the ENTRAINEMENT KIT,” consisting of three long plastic poles (180cm) containing joints for easy assembly. The set also includes two stable stands.


Tréninkový set „KIT ENTRAINEMENT“ (Ref. 793250) Sestává ze 3 dlouhých plastových tyčí (180cm) opatřených spojkami pro jejich snadné sestavení. K tomu obdržíte i 2 stabilní podstavce.
1 100 Kč incl. Tax
Additional Training Sets

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